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Liquid is a templating engine for creating web pages.

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iterating over json object in Jekyll to render pages with different variables

This is a fairly standard project based on Jekyll/Liquid. I'm trying to iterate over data object to include pages with different variables. And since {% include %} ...
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Liquid includes Share Page

This week I published a project that aims to enable sharing Jekyll built pages on various social media platforms, without unnecessarily degrading client privacy; ie. it does not call-out to those ...
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Liquid includes HCard module

The source code of this project aims to enable defining contact information either via FrontMatter or named parameters, and having that information then formatted to HTML that is both human and ...
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Liquid navigation tree generator

This include was written for a Jekyll site I'm building. It generates nested HTML unordered lists to a given depth dynamically by parsing page urls. It works fine, but the code feels messy and it ...
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Fluid tag for displaying GitHub Gists with noscript tags in a Jekyll post

A while back I wrote a Fluid tag for Jekyll that inserts the contents of a GitHub Gist into the content of the page in <noscript> tags for RSS readers. I've ...
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