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Questions tagged [linear-algebra]

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5 votes
3 answers

Find highest number of swaps within a set of possible duty swaps with networkx and PuLP

With huge help from Stack Overflow, I have created code which takes possible swap matches with given weights as an input and outputs a set of matches which gives the highest weight with the highest ...
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1 answer

Scene Hierarchy with Translation, Rotation and Scale

This code represents an Entity Component that holds and manipulates an entity's local and world transforms, dealing with hierarchy and translation/rotation/scale transformations. The code is written ...
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Python manual SVD only working for some matrices - how to stabilize it? [closed]

I use the following code for a manual single value decomposition using numpy. Depending on the array I choose it sometimes works out well and I can verify the svd and sometimes it does not work out ...
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2 answers

Partial pivoting code in python

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Implementing Preconditioned conjugate gradient

I have implemented the Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (PCG) method for solving a system of linear equations in Python and I would appreciate it if someone could verify its correctness since I am ...
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Python integer optimization with PuLP involving polynomials that I think can be faster

I have a problem where we are given multivariate polynomials in variables like y_i and z_j and the goal is to express them as sums of products of terms of the form y_i-z_j with nonnegative integer ...
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Efficiently computing a batch of results given a batch assignment vector and series of corresponding matrices

I have a 1D tensor of tokens that belong to different batches. The batch sizes here are uneven. Each batch needs to be multiplied with a corresponding weight matrix. My current approach is using a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Generic matrix library in Java

I have this repository. The most important source files follow. ...
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Implementing PLU Decomposition in Rust

I am using abstalg, because I wanted to learn more about how to do this with generic fields, (So you can implement LU decomposition not just for floats). I used ...
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2 votes
1 answer

An implementation of Givens method for diagonalising symmetric matrices

So I tried to create a code which aims to diagonalise symmetric matrices via Givens algorithm. The program only works for symmetric matrices, for we know a symmetric matrix is always diagonalisable, ...
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1 answer

Matrix-vector multiplication with block-column distribution and MPI_Reduce_scatter

I'm studying MPI and I'm trying to solve the exercise (number 3.5) taken from Pacheco's book Introduction to parallel programming. Essentially the exercise is: Write an MPI program that computes the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Yet another mathematical vector class

This is an implementation of a mathematical vector. I am currently working on a linear algebra project and before proceeding further with other classes (matrix, polar_vector etc.) I would like to have ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Coordinate Descent Non-negative Least Squares optimization

In my fast implementation of Non-negative Matrix Factorization (Rcpp Machine Learning Library, RcppML), about 40% of the runtime is spent solving Non-negative Least Squares (NNLS) systems (the rest of ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why is this tensor contraction so slow and how can I make it faster?

I am trying to calculate a specific complicated tensor contraction (of complex valued tensors) which appears as part of some other calculation and is called multiple times in a row, about 100 times or ...
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Solving a linear system with Gaussian Elimination

I decided to implement a solver for linear systems of equations based on the gaussian elimination and reduction to upper triangular form. The gaussian elimination is quite simple to implement but the ...
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