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Questions tagged [kotlin-compose]

Jetpack Compose / Jetbrains Compose Multiplatform. Kotlin-based declarative UI framework for Android, iOS, desktop, and web.

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0 answers

Is this the best way to Prevent a CircularProgressIndicator from freezing during Authentication in Kotlin Compose? [closed]

I had this problem: Now after fixing it, I want to make sure that this is ...
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1 answer

Logic to check if app was launched for the first time using DataStore

I have written a dummy code to check if an app was launched for the time using DataStore. It is working however i want to know if this can be optimised and i also observed a small glitch initially ...
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5 votes
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Compose Grid With Lists

I have created a Grid out of using the new concept of List in Kotlin. I'm open to any feed back to how this code could be improved. It functions as expected and I'm happy with the results. ...
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2 votes
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Handling View State & Side Effects with Lifecycle Awareness in Jetpack Compose MVI Composable

I'm working on a stateful Jetpack Compose composable that follows the MVI architecture. I'm using collectAsStateWithLifecycle() to observe the view state from a view model, but I'm unsure about the ...
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Dialog manager for Compose dialogs

I needed something that would help me keep dialogs in my Jetpack Compose desktop application under control and without dozens of *Visible variables etc, so I ...
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Architecting my Compose UI

I have designed a layout that includes recipe details and three CTAs in the app bar to share, delete, and edit recipes. I need feedback regarding the architecture of my Compose UI. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Android: Navigation with Hilt + Jetpack Compose

The project is simple: Login screen and a forgot password screen. You can navigate from Login to ForgotPassword. I feel like I overcomplicated things, but I don't know if (and how) it can be ...
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Jetpack Compose: Length-Units Converter

I have made a length-units converter with Jetpack Compose. Here's the source-code: ...
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