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Keras Tuner Subclass for Time Series Cross-Validation

Custom Keras Tuner with Time Series Cross-Validation I have written my own subclass of the default Keras tuner Tune class. Objective: I needed a way to incorporate ...
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Train a Keras model to recognize and predict speech in real-time using microphone as audio source

Please help me optimize this script. I'm running it in Google Colab GPU runtime. I've implemented many optimizations but they worsened it. I need serious help. I have to submit my project in 3 days!. ...
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How to avoid retracing in tensorflow when predicting scores for inputs with different sizes

I use the following code in order to assess the quality of an audio, which is based on this original-project: MOSNet. I call compute_mosnet_score() in a loop with a ...
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Keras: Using Autoencoders for prediction

I have a dataset which I divided into two sections horizontally. Column A of first section is the input variable and Column A of second section is the target variable. I am trying to build a Denoising ...
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Convert an English sentence to German using Bahdanau Attention

Context I am following this tutorial . My mission is to convert an English sentence to a German sentence using Bahdanau Attention. Summary of the Code I first took the whole English and German ...
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LSTM Model - Validation Accuracy is not changing

I am working on classification problem, My input data is labels and output expected data is labels Labels Count 1 94481 0 65181 2 60448 I have made ...
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Lazy loading generator for training a Keras network

A common use for Keras LSTM layers is to generate text. There are many examples showing you how to do it. The usual method is to convert the text into a sequence of tokens and then slice up the ...
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