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Questions that are stored in a Jupyter notebook. Code must be provided in the question in code block(s).

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Plotting in Python

This is a Part2 to this question where the task was to plot the data that I got from my time measurements. I've never worked with Jupyter Notebooks (ipynb) since ...
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Beginner Python Web scraping

I'm a newbie in programming, I chose Python. I'm learning on my own. Currently I'm preparing code for a portfolio on github. I will be grateful for any code review, especially in the subject of OOP: ...
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Yet another Wordle Game

This Jupyter Notebook code for the Wordle game works. After a lot of fixes, I have it working as it should. The code is a jumbled mess. I am open to any suggestions and/or criticism of my code. I am ...
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Output number densities in model atmosphere of the Sun

I have completed my Python project which calculates and outputs the number densities of dozens of different species (over 11 chemical elements total) in a model atmosphere of the Sun. The code reads ...
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Filtering data on a dataframe, Pandas-Jupyter

I have a dataframe which contains information of programmers like: country, programming languages. etc: ...
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Animating Lissajous curves with Python and matplotlib's animation library

I'd like to plot an animation of Lissajous curves using Python and matplotlib's animate library. I really do not have a lot of experience with Python, so rather ...
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Increase speed of global calculations of light under climate change using Dask

I am implementing an algorithm for estimating light at the ocean surface as a function of wind (waves, surface roughness), chlorophyll, and zenith angle. I want to do this using climate projections ...
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Jupyter notebook style help + code suggestions for pandas

I wanted to open source some code to scrape and analyze publicly-filed stock buys and sells from U.S. senators. I'm not familiar with code style for Jupyter notebooks or pandas in general. Would it be ...
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