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Java Architecture for XML Binding is the Java standard for working with XML as domain objects. It provides an easy mechanism for mapping Java classes to XML representations.

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Unit testing objects with nested properties

I would like to know what is the best approach in order to unit test objects with nested properties. This is the structure I'm using. ContainerType is a sort of ...
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Harnessing hashCode as JAXB @XmlID in order to use it with @XmlIDREF

I have a class Fighter in a software for planning boxing events. I implemented its hashCode() and ...
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Finding if value exists in any column recursively

Our company uses an old version of JAXB so it does not allow generics. Other than that, I am using recursive calls because Rows can have subrows and I want to find ...
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Reusable configuration reader for Java

This is related to a question I posted on Stack Overflow. The consensus was to use JAXB, which is what I did. One of the requirements was that it needed to work with legacy XML configuration files. ...
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JAXB XJC code generation - adding @XmlRootElement and Joda DateTime

Here's an interesting scenario that I encountered the other day. I did eventually reach a solution on my own. However, I'd welcome any comments and better approaches. The requirements I want to ...
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