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IPTables is an application that allows administrators to configure the packet processing tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall. Use this tag only for questions on programming with IPTables.

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replace ipset with bash script

So what I'm trying to do is to get "bad" ip's from this page Then I made a script that replaces ipsets to block, by ...
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SSH rate limiting using Puppet firewall module

I used to do simple SSH rate limiting using an UFW Puppet module. To get more flexible blocking I've changed to using the official firewall module instead. Are there any significant issues with the ...
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IPtables for webserver with SSH

I've had a bit of help but I'm still a bit unsure. I have an nginx webserver with SSH only required. I wrote this rule set based on information I found on the internet: ...
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Iptables Lockdown

I have nginx serving files with uwsgi and I wanted to lock my server down just to allow SSH and Nginx to run. ...
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Python class to abstract the iptables Linux firewall

I've written the following Python class that fetches iptables rules using basic string processing in Linux. Am I doing this in the correct manner? I've tested the code and it's running fine. I'm ...
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