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Questions tagged [ipc]

IPC stands for Inter-process Communication and represents a set of methods for exchanging data and messages between threads and processes.

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Client disconnection and reconnection in C# NamedPipeServerStream

I have written a C# .NET code that utilizes NamedPipeServerStream to send and receive data. My goal is to ensure that when a client disconnects, the server waits ...
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C11 zero copy lock-free triple buffer

The code is for a single producer, single consumer scenario, where the consumer only cares about the latest information shared by the producer. This is just a simple proof of concept created for linux....
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Tool for asynchronous IPC using pipes

Description of the code: The code provides asynchronous IPC functionality in C++ using the Boost libraries and pipes. Each process asynchronously "listens" on the read end of the pipe and ...
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FizzBuzz JSON via Unix socket (Go)

At heart, this program is just the basic "FizzBuzz" program. However, the program was pushed further, by making it a client-server via Unix Socket: Server run, and listening on a socket. ...
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2 answers

CLI-Client for interacting with daemon

I have a daemon which I am able to interact with through a cli-client. The daemon will perform some tasks in future e.g. monitoring the rate at which files are added to a directory. Right now when I ...
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IPC The sleeping barber problem in C feedback

I would love to get some feedback on this Sleeping barber implementation in C. the entire project can be found here: ...
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IPC with over 100 different methods - viable way to maintain readability

I have a system with 2 different processes. Process 1 starts process 2 and sets up an AnonymousPipe between the 2. Process 1 needs to run some code and needs to ...
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Application uniqueness and unilateral IPC on Unix

This program Detects application uniqueness, if the application is a unique/primary instance, it launches a server, otherwise a client over a Unix domain socket. Client will send a message that will ...
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6 votes
1 answer

C++ simple inter-process notification system

I needed to synchronise several processes, so I developed this ipn::Notifier class that uses a mutex+condition variable stored in shared memory to notify all ...
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Cache line versus struct size testing

There's a mission-critical ring buffer in production on which I'm curious to test some optimizations. Specifically, I'm wondering how much of a performance difference struct size will make on issues ...
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IPC reader-writer without starvation

I'm trying to implement a functional version of the classic reader-writer problem in IPC which doesn't cause starvation. You can find the full article here The code is working. What do you think, is ...
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Semaphore implementation by file locking in a bash script

This implementation is inspired by the POSIX functions sem_wait() and sem_post(). It tries to get rid of busy loops in the code ...
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Enforce exclusive order of four processes using semaphores

I am on the learning curve of C and its capabilities. Below I have tried to create 4 individual programs where the execution is always in order (program 0,1,2,3). About the program Program #0 is ...
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