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Informix is an SQL-based object-relational, OLTP/OLAP, NoSQL DBMS produced by IBM. This tag is appropriate for questions about any of the products with Informix in the product name.

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4 votes
1 answer

Calculating elapsed time

The code below compares recv.rcpt_dtim (which is a datetime type) against the current date/time. It calculates an elapsed time resulting in hours and minutes formatted like: "04:22". It took me a ...
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Copy Data from Informix to SQL Server

The following method copies data from Informix db to SQL Server db and it's so slow, I want to refactor it so it could be more readable and faster: ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Which is correct : Open one Connection for inserting List of objects or open connection for every single insertion?

I have written the following method twice but I don't know which is better from performance perspective, code design and best practice. First: ...
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Listing payments where all payments lines and transactions are closed

The goal of this query is to get a list of payments where all the corresponding payment lines and transactions have the status CLOSED. These are one to many relationships. The database is Informix. I ...
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