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Questions tagged [hashcode]

Hashcode is a result of applying a hash function to data, usually an integer.

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Fowler–Noll–Vo hash function in Lua

I recently coded this FNV-1a hash function in Lua. Are there any apparent performance improvements that could be implemented? ...
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Locality Sensitive Hash (similar to k-Nearest Neighbor), in Python+Numpy

I've tried implementing Locality Sensitive Hash, the algorithm that helps recommendation engines, and powers apps like Shazzam that can identify songs you heard at restaurants. LSH is supposed to run ...
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Fnv1a hashing of C# Guid

I have the following implementation of the Fnv1a hashing for a string, which should be correct: ...
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Basic login by username logic with SQL Server

My goal is to make a very simple library with the authentications basics: create a user and save its hashed password, change its password, have a method to check if the password is correct for login. ...
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Database code for Python-based URL shortener

I had implemented a URL shortener with Python and a database. Please review the database part of the code. The idea is to create an MD5 hash of the URL in question and then store it in a database. The ...
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HaveIBeenPwned API

Please find my code for securely checking Haveibeenpwned for breached passwords This code will only send a partial HASH over the internet (using HTTPS) and the second part of the HASH will be checked ...
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SHA-256 implementation in JS (core codes)

As told by experts, I am re-posting the code review request with the code. Brief Description: from outside sha256() will be called with parameter having UTF-16 character set. then after prepareData()...
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Minimal length of substring that forms cyclic string

there is a knows problem stated as "Cyclic string": A string S has been recorded many times, and then from the resulting line took a substring, and give to you.Your task is to determine the ...
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