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A general RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework over HTTP/2, initially developed at Google. gRPC is a language neutral and platform neutral framework that allows users to write applications where independent services can work with each other as if they were native. It uses Protocol Buffers as the interface description language.

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java lib to easily build Guice scopes and gRPC scopes lib built on top of it

I've been working on a collection of few open-source java libraries related to Guice. They are a collection of classes that I was previously copy/pasting/customizing across subsequent projects I was ...
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Execute command using `asyncio.create_subprocess_shell` and yield lines of stdout, stderr and finally the return code

My task is to run a subprocess using asyncio.create_subprocess_shell and yield the lines of output. I am using asyncio to avoid ...
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Python gRPC shopping cart service

The .proto file is as below: ...
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