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Web framework using the Groovy programming language. Groovy should also be tagged.

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Spring: Creating a Mutable Common Command Object or Controller Interceptor

I'm integrating with a 3rd party vendor that has Users and Organizations in it. My tool is a user administration tool that ...
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Display multiple video in video tag using timeduration in Grails Application

I've requirements to display video of some time duration in video tag. I've written following code for the same in my grails application. videoFeed.gsp ...
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Dynamic field performance

A have a model with a dynamic field like so: ...
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Registration, login and logout in a Grails application

I'm completely new to Groovy, but have many years of Java experience, and recently I have started working on a Grails application, currently it contains the following: User and Person domain classes ...
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Parsing version number from a Java source file

I'm extracting the version number from a file like this one. It works, but I find it clumsy and longer than probably needed. I'd also appreciate some sanity checks as long as they don't make the code ...
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Avoiding repetitive code for timestamping and updating status

This is some boilerplate I found myself writing on a new abstract class. It seems ripe for refactoring, but I'm not sure the best way to implement it more effectively. Is there a pattern for these ...
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Domain object toString null check

Following advice to "Make good use of toString() for all Domain classes", I made what I thought was the most useful toString ...
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Grails overloaded controller workaround

I had an overloaded method, but Grails doesn't allow overloaded methods in controller actions. The overloaded method looked like this: ...
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Generating a sequential number for app-wide use

I have to generate a sequential number for groovy-grails app wide use and came up with the following. However, is there a better way to do this? Domain classes: ...
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