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Google Drive is a free and paid cloud storage service from Google.

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Implementing a REST API that uploads a document and it's information to the drive and database

I want to develop an applications where users (students in my university) can upload documents (some sort of a GUI for the drive). I have a Vue application and a NodeJS server which is used as a REST ...
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Retrieve filename and ID with Google Drive API in C#

I am trying to retrieve filename and ID list with Google Drive API (the latest Drive API version v3 is used here) as a first step in order to analyze and manipulate these files on Google Drive. The ...
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Google drive backup robot

I have a lot of files. I care about those files. I also care about good programming practices and learning proper python. Given the described context, it seemed appropriate to implement my own ...
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Increase speed of Google Drive upload for large files

I'm using Google Drive API for uploading large disk image files ( >100 GB). My Code uses this wrapper to upload these large files in chunks of 40mb. The files are stored on NAS drive. The code works ...
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Automatically Sending an Email based on a Google Sheet's cell value

Would love some feedback on how to improve my code. It might not be as readable as I'd like in places, but it currently works. Note that this code will be adapted to work on a different spreadsheet, ...'s user avatar
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Spreadsheet generated through Google Drive file iteration

I put together a script which goes through all of the files in Google Drive, and writes a spreadsheet with all of the files with their name, containing folder, URL, and date last updated. ...
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Uploading data to Google Drive

I have created a project which uploads data from my local storage to my Google Drive account using the Google Drive API. You can read about how to run it on its Github repository. The main script <...
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Google Drive folders properties caching to file

I have the recursive function below to cache all the folders of my company Drive into a file. It works like a charm but takes too long, specifically >30 secs to read and save the 300 folders. What I ...
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Generate URLs for images hosted on Google Drive

The brief is to be able to generate links to artwork files and PDFs easily and quickly without having to use a browser. I have added an image box which shows the user the image upon clicking one. The ...
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Transferring file from Google to

I have created a system where user selects files from their Google Drive to be uploaded into Parse. I have done so separately though, where I have one code that allows user to select an item from ...
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Storing folders of list of records in Google Drive

I've written a script using the Django ORM to store 'configuration settings' and interacting with the Google Drive API and another API. The script creates a base project folder and subfolders in ...
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