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A cellular automaton simulation following rules devised by mathematician John Conway.

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Yet another implementation of Conway's Game of life in Haskell

(Sorry for my bad English) Hi, I'm interested in getting feedback of my own implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Some details: Uses gloss for animation Uses rio for shorter dependency list My ...
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Game of Life, thread per cell

In an effort to learn Java's support for concurrency I solved a self-imposed exercise to write a Game of Life simulator in Java, running a separate thread for each cell. Here is my code: ...
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Game of Life simulator, Python 3

Using Python 3.7.0, I've programmed a 'Game of Life' simulator. The output is displayed using tkinter. It's not meant to be limited to just Game of Life, though, as it's meant to also be used for a ...
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Game of Life in Kotlin

I've implemented a Game of Life in Kotlin. There are some major requirements on this solution: Purely object-functional production code. As close to an infinite universe as possible. File ...
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Game of Life in Java using Swing

As a hobby project I implemented Game of Life in Java using Swing. I don't have much experience with Java using Swing and would like to get feedback on the code. One thing in particular that I would ...
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Conway's Game Of Life using SFML and MVC

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I followed the given advice and implemented the MVC design pattern. As I've never used MVC before I am quite unsure about the quality or if it is even ...
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Game of Life in Haskell with Nested Zippers, Comonads, etc

I was trying to implement Game of Life in Haskell. Here is my approach: ...
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Conways Game of Life using unordered set of coordinates

Previously I had been using an array of bool(dead/live) to represent cells. I looked on code review to see how other people have implemented Conway's Game of Life. Someone in the comments of a post ...
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Java-based Game Of Life

I've recently had a go at programming a Conway's Game of Life simulation in Java, and I was wondering if anyone could provide some input on how it could be improved. I'm mainly concerned with how to ...
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One data object instead of array of objects - why is it slower?

I'm currently writing a game of life with small extra features but I ran into a problem - in my first try i decided to use simple list of Cell objects: ...
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Why does my Clojure implementation of Conway's Game of Life run so much slower than my Java implementation?

I'm trying to learn Clojure coming from a Java background. I have written a simple implementation of Conway's game of life in both Clojure and Java, trying to keep the overall structure of the code as ...
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Conway's Game of Life in Emacs Lisp

I decided it would be fun to implement Conway's Game of Life (CGOL) in Emacs Lisp as my first elisp script. My goals for the implementation were pretty simple Transform current buffer into the next ...
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Conways game of life with turtle python 3

A version of CGOL made in Python using the turtle module. Any suggestions for optimisations or improvement: ...
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Node JS Beginner's CLI Game of Life

I have finished writing my first Node.js app: a CLI app that runs Conway's Game of Life. I am looking for feedback on things that might not have been done the "Node.js way" and what I can do to better ...
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Game of life in JavaScript - using Table

I finished coding Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript and HTML table. logic cells in a table will be assigned with unique id's and based on the ...
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Using React Native to implement Conway's Game of Life

I'm using React Native to implement Conway's Game of Life as a mobile phone app. So far I've implemented the game logic and a main screen with an embedded GLView component where the game board is ...
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Game of Life in TypeScript React

This is my first React project. I've included the main files that don't just contain boilerplate. This is a visualization of Conway's Game of Life, with a few toggleable features like starting/...
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