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A framework is an existing library or set of libraries to help you complete a common task faster and more easily. Use this tag if you're writing a framework, not if you're just using one. When using a framework the specific framework should be used instead of this tag.

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Basic MVC Framework

I want to improve my skills so i startet a very basic MVC framework. Its my first MVC based Framework. Index I rewrited all requests through index.php and the ...
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A framework for simple multiple-choice quizzes

Just looking for more experienced programmers opinions on this code. It's a framework for making simple multiple-choice quizzes. I am aware that there is the potential to make the arrays dynamic, but ...
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Request handler based solely on reflections ver. 2

This question is connected to the previous one: Request handler based solely on reflections I have edited the code, taking tim's answer in regard, editing the Kernel class cohesion. ...
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Detect that a class is marked by a custom annotation in Spring

I would like to enable application behaviour based on the presence of a custom annotation that marks the configuration class (normally named something like ...
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Data binding with keydown

I want to create a JS MVVM framework for learning and personal project. jsFiddle HTML: ...
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PHP autoload class design for a framework

I'm developing a php framework called Stack. I just created the autoload.php as follows. ...
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Battleship strategy evaluation framework

In preparation for the May 2015 Community Challenge, I decided to build a Battleship strategy tester. Implementing an ocean First, there is an underlying Ocean ...
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Framework to define and require JavaScript modules

I'm working on a webapp that I use gulp to build. It uses useref to gather and concatenate/uglify the assets used in the HTML files. In this case, as things are getting concatenated, it doesn't make ...
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Simple framework for looped applications

I wrote up a quick API to help me save time while writing applications that require either a delay or frame rate. It should require me to implement a void run() ...
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Small generic path search framework in Java

I have this small generic path search library. It's not perfect at all, so I need some comments as to have a chance to improve it. com.stackexchange.codereview.graph.model: AbstractHeuristicFunction....
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HTTP Request/Response class

I would like to get feedback on this, which are just simple Response/Request classes. I tried to keep it simple, so I made two ...
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Finding shortest paths in directed graphs

I have very little experience in programming with C++ and the following small "program" is the 2nd one I have ever written in that language. I am most interested in comments regarding naming ...
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Generic Converter framework

I find myself frequently converting between formats, so I have come up with the following conversion framework. The converter interface surfaces a method to convert from a source type to a target type....
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Using one parent model and other extending it in a PHP framework

I have multiple models which all have the same functions in my framework. I decided to create one "parent" model and all of my other models would extend and inherit its functions like this. My other ...
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Framework constructor

I'm working on my framework constructor. First I tried to look into jQuery and understand it, but it's so out of my league. Instead I googled and put this code together. Though there aren't many posts ...
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Basic login with router

It's not finished yet, but I want to know if the structure and the classes are ok and what can I change. Feel free to say anything. To be more specific, I want to know what you think about the login ...
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5 votes
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Small PHP framework template library

The following is a new question based on answers from here: Small MVC for PHP I have written a small template library that I would like some critiques on, located here. If you are looking for where ...
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