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The Foundation framework defines a base layer of Objective-C classes. In addition to providing a set of useful primitive object classes, it introduces several paradigms that define functionality not covered by the Objective-C language.

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macOS: resetting balance to center (0.5) using Swift

Due to some bug somewhere, my speaker balance kept moving off-center and it was getting annoying. So I cobbled together the code below (based on this question) which—to my surprise—does compile and ...
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Value-added tax calculator app

The app calculates the tax which is included in a (given) amount. Because I'm new with both libraries (React.js and Foundation) I would appreciate hints and improvement suggestions. Live demo on ...
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RSS feed parser

I've just started learning Swift. I started with an example of RSS feed parser. I have a wrapper class written in Objective-C which converted the XML response into ...
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