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Questions tagged [forth]

Forth is a stack-based programming language originally developed in the 1970s by Charles H. Moore for controlling radiotelescopes.

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4 votes
1 answer

Bubble Sort in Forth (for strings)

I wrote the following Forth code for sorting a string with the Bubble Sort method. It looks nice to my eyes, but I'd like your experienced opinion and any comments about the code you might have. In ...
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2 answers

Project Euler 8: find the maximum product of 13 consecutive digits

I'm doing Project Euler problems as a learning platform for Forth. Currently I'm solving Project Euler Problem 8 which involves a 1000-long string, which I entered directly in the source code. My ...
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7 votes
2 answers

A simple clock in FORTH

I try to program a stopwatch/countdown clock in FORTH with Gforth (and using Gforth-specific words). I'm a complete beginner and the following code is the basic stuff (going to add an alarm function ...
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2 answers

Simple terminal graphics line drawing

The program starts at the center of the screen and starts drawing a line in 50ms steps. When the line hits the edge of the terminal it will be reflected and continue drawing. ...
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Forth to the past - mergesort preps

Still oiling my Forth. Below are few essential algorithms for in-place merge. Please review. Some introductory comments: >swap< is not a cute smiley. I am ...
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Forth to the past - qsort

To make a long story short, I must revive my Forth. It is rusty; last time I did anything serious in Forth was 30 years ago (man, I am old). As an exercise, I translated an STL-like implementation of <...
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16 votes
3 answers

Reverse Polish notation based compiler

Description Very small subset of Forth This is a proof of concept level compiler, no optimizations or over/underflow checking See the embedded POD for more information NASM is used as assembler gcc ...
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2 answers

FizzBuzz in Forth

There are quite a large number of existing implementatons of FizzBuzz but I awoke this morning in a cold sweat with the terrible revelation that Code Review had no FizzBuzz implementation in Forth! ...
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Toy Forth interpreter

I've been reading too many papers and writing too little code. These are my first 300 lines of Haskell: ...
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