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WebExtensions are a way to write Firefox extensions that are compatible with other browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. Microsoft plans to bring support to their Edge browser soon. Questions requiring a MCVE (i.e. debugging questions) should include your manifest.json file in addition to all other files needed to duplicate the problem.

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Hide link formatting Firefox extension

I'm building a Mozilla Firefox extension to hide link's formatting and show them as regular text. It consists of a script that runs on web-pages (content.js) that's ...
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Extension content script multiple mouse events handling

I'm writing a translate extension for firefox just similar like google translate extension. I achieve that the listening mauseup and mousedown events to get selection text and popup a div that you ...
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5 votes
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WebExtensions add-on for highlighting insecure links

My first Firefox add-on (WebExtensions compatible, so it works without modification in at least Chromium) puts a red border around insecure links, including plain HTTP links and links with a ...
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