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Factor is a concatenative programming language that is influenced by Forth, Joy and Lisp.

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Presenting collections for code generation

I've never been too bothered by the lack of present (and thus print) support for Factor collections and other objects, but I've ...
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Gravity problem solver in Factor

After answering a question about Factor, I decided that it looked interesting. To get the hang of the syntax and such, I decided to write some basic physics code to "solve" the three-body problem. ...
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Bit stream input in Factor

My attempt at writing code to input values of arbitrary bitlength based on a bytearray in Factor. Any comments on the correctness or style would be appreciated. ...
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Project Euler problem 1 in Factor

I'm a complete beginner of Factor, but I just managed to solved Euler Problem #1 using it, and would love to have the code reviewed. Anything that can be improved? In particular I'm wondering if there ...
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Factor script to change case of all filenames in a directory

In the absence of a full-fledged tutorial, I am teaching myself to program in the Factor language by writing a bunch of functions that I will eventually use in command-line scripts. One common ...
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