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Questions tagged [embedded]

For code that targets an embedded device or some severely resource-constrained environment.

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Tuple-like container for packed data

I'm writing some code which needs to be compatible accross a Cortex-M based embedded device and x86 / x86_64 based PCs. I needed a solution for sending binary data between the Cortex-M and the ...
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USB implementation of device that tests system latency on gaming computers - SysLat Cleanup #3

Here's my open source project: The hardware controlled by this software can be found at This is the 3rd question in a series of ...
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C++ object pool using C memory pool as base

I started out with this question on Stack Overflow. I have since then gotten an official answer from the mbed developers that the MemoryPool that I was asking about only issued raw C malloc/free type ...
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Daemonizing shell scripts - MqSH

This is an mqtt driven, interactive, and asynchronous remote shell daemon written in bash. I call it "MqSH" or simply "mq". It works with bash, the busybox ash shell, and perhaps other Bourne-like ...
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Decoding audio encoded with LDAC codec

The full code (works on x86_64) is available on GitHub At first I used just original floating-point version, but it turned out to be too slow, because used DSP (32 bit, 120 MHz max, 112kB program and ...
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Automatic resource allocation for the purpose of resource-dependent task scheduling

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish: Suppose you are trying to control an embedded system with several external hardware resources/components/devices. Naturally, you are concerned with the issue of ...
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C# like Dependency injection for C++ on embedded device

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a C# like syntax for dependency injection. My device is running constantly and acting more or less like a service. I came up with the following. My ...
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a simple interrupt polling program due to AXI DMA IP

The program transfers a data array from a Zynq-7000 PS DDR to a BRAM IP (block RAM) memory in a PL part of a FPGA due to a PL AXI DMA IP. Inferring a xilinx axi dma driver (not scatter-gather mode), ...
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