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Questions tagged [ebay] is an online auction and shopping website.

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2 answers

Processing eBay category list for database import

Although I've been programming a fair while I'm learning Python and would like to know how I can make my code more "Pythonic". I'm have a CSV file of eBay categories, containing the name and numeric ...
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eBay listing generator - revised

I posted my first attempt at this here. It's an app that generates both a preview of an interactive eBay listing, as well as the raw code which the user can copy and paste into their listing. I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

eBay listing generator

Here's my attempt at a script that will take user input and produce a custom interactive eBay listing. This is definitely still in progress, but I wanted to post the code I have since I'm sure there ...
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Requesting product data from an eBay webform

The code takes in a hash that comes from a webform and also works with product data from the database. It then uses an eBay gem I built that connects with the eBay API and then returns a response ...
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eBay scraper with BeautifulSoup

A friend of mine needs a scraper that reads product titles, prices and pictures from eBay and saves them to an Excel-ready .csv file. The program reads product pages into a list and then loops through ...
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