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Drupal is an open source CMS framework written in PHP.

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concatenation of HTML from return functions

My controller is looking something like this. Each of the methods called generate some HTML. The concatenated HTML variable gives the final render of the page Is there a better way to generate my ...
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Debian-Apache-MySQL-PHP-HTTPS version-agnostic environment bootstrapper

The following program is comprised of three files and is aimed to be used as a Debian-Apache-MySQL-PHP-HTTPS version-agnostic environment bootstrapper. It is aimed to be used on raw Debian systems (...
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PHP Class used in Drupal 8 module

I've written a module whose purpose is to allow a user to simply add their email and click 'Save Search'. The details of the search are stored in two straight MySql tables which are not in any way ...
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Drupal 8 Content Import via CSV Implementation

I am implementing a way to import content into Drupal 8 via a CSV. This CSV contains various fields such as node ID, title, body, etc. It has been working great but I am very concerned about how long ...
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Bash webapp duplicator

I've written the following Bash script used to duplicate a webapp/website you have (say, a Wordpress website) locally on your server environment, for testing purposes, indicating after 2 days if you ...
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Import data module

I have a custom module to import nodes from a .txt file. (Drupal 7). My problem is I have a lot of nodes to import and this function takes so much time. ...
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Module for sending messages through PubNub

I have created a Drupal 6 module that sends messages through PubNub when the user updates information about a Node. I have a separate app that, when launched, calls my Drupal site and receives a JSON ...
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Dumping output from template_init()

I have a Drupal site with roughly the following in my template.php hook_init block: ...
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The right way to get formatted node's body field in Drupal 7

I am wondering am I doing the right "Drupal" way in getting formatted value of node's body field. Here is my code: ...
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1 answer

Drupal: Placing Code (PHP) within the Drupal System (as well as css)

I have a node template that grabs fields from a content type. In the node--[contenttype].tpl.php file I have two sections (The second is html/php and grabs variables from the first section or from ...
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2 answers

Get unique entries from array

For a website I'm working on, I had to get all the unique entries in an array and count their occurrence. It is possible a certain entry is only found once, but it can also be found 20 times. So I ...
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Basic function to output repeating dates from iCal format

I have a function that implements parts of reading iCal repetition rules, and returns a list of dates when a certain event takes place. Questions/Concerns of mine Any comments on the use of anonymous ...
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