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The Doctrine Project is a collection of open source libraries and tools for dealing with database abstraction and Object-Relational Mapping written in PHP.

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Zf2 and doctrine model implementation

I've implemented for the first time Doctrine-ORM on my SOAP server application; can you tell me if I could optimize some of the written ORM-related code? More specifically, is it a good practice to ...
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Many to many (n to m) relationship without insert duplication php

I managed to make a many to many relationship work correctly using mysql, doctrine 2 and symfony 3.4. When a new element A that contains 0 to m element Bs is inserted, the B elements that already ...
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PHPSpec, testing code that uses fluent mock

I've just completed writing a spec for a Doctrine2 repository. The repo contains only one method so far, the spec for which takes in an OAuth Identity token object (that contains an ID that matches up ...
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