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Working Support Ticket Bot for Discord built with

Here is a working support ticket bot for discord using api. There is a slash command to launch the system which brings up a button to submit a ticket which when clicked creates a new text ...
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Discord bot with Neural Intents

This is a discord bot that i am working on having learned it from watching the youtube video by neuralnine. I wonder if there could be some optimization somewhere. ...
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My DiscordBot project

I'm actually developing bot in and the longer I'm developing this, the more often I'm asking myself 'Is this code well-organized? How could I improve this to make easier to understand this ...
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375 views pages for a leaderboard

So I've got a Discord bot that will load information about a user's personal charts and display it to them, and one of the commands is to get their leaderboard and show them the most successful songs ...
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