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Questions tagged [discord]

For programs interacting with Discord.

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Upload/download files from/to Discord channel based on last write time

I have created a script which does the following: Compare the last write times between... local save files for the game Valheim and remote save files (Valheim) on a discord channel where I exchange ...
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Display summary statistics about Discord messages

This is just a program that displays summary statistics about discord messages sent to a certain user using a Discord data package. The CSV of messages to a user is ...
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Working Support Ticket Bot for Discord built with

Here is a working support ticket bot for discord using api. There is a slash command to launch the system which brings up a button to submit a ticket which when clicked creates a new text ...
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Check RSS feed and post to Discord

I'm new to using JS for anything other than DOM manipulation, so I'm not sure if the following code is taking full advantage of the Async concept in JS. This is an example of a function I'm writing in ...
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Split message when too many character

Im currently working with discord with Python 3.9.6 where I am trying to create a embed based on how much text I have. According to discord: ...
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More Efficent Code for Announcment Command in Discord.js

I am creating a command in my discord bot to send an announcement to every server it is in, and this is the only way i could think of doing it, but i know there is a more efficient way of doing it. ...
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401 views pages for a leaderboard

So I've got a Discord bot that will load information about a user's personal charts and display it to them, and one of the commands is to get their leaderboard and show them the most successful songs ...
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A bot that logs every messages sent in a discord server

Hello Code Review community ! I'm making a bot with that listens to every message sent in a server and stores it in a database that could be retrieved by admin/mod later. Here's the ...
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Very slow Discord bot to play music

I have been writing a bot, running on I gotten to the music bot part after finishing the queue part. My code is logically correct; however, the code is way too inefficient ...
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Creating embed for Discord reading from dictionary

I have been working on where I create a payload of dicts with different values as store, name etc etc which you will see very soon. The idea is that with the payload I send to this script, it should ...
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Entire Discord bot

I've made a Discord bot, and (to my knowledge) the code is pretty good. However, I've mostly taught myself Python and (the discord library for Python), so I was wondering if there's any ...
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