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Decorator to log function calls and return values

I want to write a decorator in Python 3.11 that adds some basic logging to functions. I want to use the decorator without any keyword arguments: @add_logging In ...
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Protecting functions from empty DataFrames

Pandas likes to throw cryptic errors when you feed its functions with empty DataFrames saying nothing that would help you to identify the root cause. In order to ...
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Cancelling function execution with a ContinuationError

Although throwing excptions for control flow is a controversial topic there are some quite popular examples of using this anti-pattern like C#'s async routines throwing the ...
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decorator to execute sqlite statement

I'd like to wrap all my sqlite statement functions with a decorator which collects the statement and the lists of values I will inject in place of placeholders in my statement (to avoid sql injection)....
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Check that inputs are valid dates

I have a method in a class that accepts either a datetime or string parameter. It is shown in the last code block (I didn't include the class). A little background is that I am defining a wrapper ...
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Using a decorator for init in Python3+Pyside6, to avoid writing boilerplate code [closed]

I'm building a GUI application with Python3+Pyside6 and have many QDialog classes that are similar, and i was looking for a way to avoid having to rewrite the same ...
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Message-free flow-oriented logger

Today, I've got a small FlowLogger for you to review. The idea is not to log pure messages, but focus on the flow of the app that might contain such items as: <...
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Decorator Pattern with member functions

Motivation: without SaveDecorator, we would have to write: ...
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