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Domain driven design (abbreviated as DDD) is a design methodology that focuses on the domain. What is an object and what is an attribute is determined by their place in the real world.

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Is there a better way to unit test a repository for a large aggregate root?

In our project we use domain-driven design and our customer aggregate root is large. The unit tests for the aggregate root itself are simple (~50 or so tests), but I am struggling with the repository ...
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Best approach to parse data from multiple APIs to Entities in PHP

I built an application that extracts and updates data from multiple ecommerces websites. Each eCommerce is either built using platforms/frameworks such as Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce. This ...
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Business Rule DSL for Values in Domain-Driven Design

Following the patterns from the book Domain Modeling Made Functional, I am implementing a single-case union for the simple values in my domain model instead of using primitives. The union cases have ...
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Centralized static factory methods with dependency injection

I am trying to make a small e-commerce backend in php. I centralized all the static factory methods in a class called EntityFactory. The main reason for that was to ...
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Countable and uncountable sets in .NET (set operators, demo)

Up-to-date version: IEnumerable and Predicate Sets in .NET (Complete, Explained). Previously: Countable and uncountable sets in .NET (clean version). Disclaimer: Please do not interpret my attempts ...
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DDD design: Tracking price calculation progress and fallback price calculation

I am pretty new to DDD, so any help/ideas will be appreciated. I will explain my initial design and problem below. The user can ask the system to generate products proposal, proposal is basically ...
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Design Web API with Command Handler

I'm setting up new API to Setup LocalAccounts and need your advice on how to design the API with CQS some background : LocalAccount Is Account that related to ...
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Modeling the Aggregates in the following Bounded Context - Domain Driven Design

I'm currently developing an application in ASP.NET Core 2.2 with Domain Driven Design. What you see in here is a Unit Creation page. A Unit is composed of competences. A unit must have at least one ...
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Modeling domain layer for basic workflow system

As so far I've been mostly developing existing products and doing maintenance/engineering I feel in need to model something from time to time for fun and for self educational purposes. Attached code ...
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A simple event sourcing application using postgres and kafka as an event store

I am creating a simple banking application using event sourcing and CQRS. The application uses postgres and kafka as an event store. The source code can be found at source. Currently, the application ...
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