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Replace iterrow loops in pandas matrices with something else to shorten the running time

This post is modified from this one: (Alternatives to iterrow loops in python pandas dataframes). I have a piece of code to calculate price ...
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Alternatives to iterrow loops in python pandas dataframes

I have a piece of code to calculate price sensitivity based on the product and its rating. Below is the original data set with product type, reported year, customer’s rating, price per unit, and ...
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Maintain a log containing values if certain conditions are met

I'm trying to capture profits and set a stop loss in my trading strategy. I want the stop loss to be set daily based on the past data and if the current price, i.e., price for the date falls below the ...
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Split Pandas dataset column based on values (suffixes: string operation)

In Python using Pandas, I am splitting a dataset column into 4 lists based on the suffix of the values. For the 3 suffixes I am using a list comprehension then for the 4th one, a set operation that ...
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Quickly create polars data frame from 2D ndarray

I am sampling from m normal distributions n times each, and storing the samples in a 2-dimensional ndarray. I then need to turn this into a polars dataframe as I need to add some string columns and do ...
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Unstructured to Structured TOC

The following code tries to convert an unstructured TOC with bounding box layout data given by the output of pdftotext -bbox-layout -f 11 -l 13 new_book.pdf toc.html...
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