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Cucumber, an open-source tool for executable specifications, merges specification and test documentation into one cohesive whole.

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Error-testing be with cucumber/capybaraweb

I'm working on writing tests for a rails application using cucumber and capybara. I have a scenario for a user editing a post, and making it invalid. The scenario looks like this: ...
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Counting unique words, numbers, or phrases

I was given the below scenario to write a java program by a Software company. I did my best and was well tested as well. They came back rejecting my application without giving any review comments. I ...
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Multicolumn iterations with cucumber data tables in Ruby

Cucumber is not designed to support multi-column iterations, but it is possible to make it work. Here, I want to try each combination of path and role. This is the Cucumber Gherkin: ...
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Unix batch job execution from BDD automation framework

As part of my testing, I have to connect to Unix server using putty and execute few unix jobs. Feature file Steps for test scenario: ...
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Cucumber scenario to test REST interface to scuba diving logbooks

I am looking for ideas how to improve this cucumber scenario (testing a REST interface) and make it more concise. ...
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