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Questions tagged [coroutines]

Used for questions involving coroutine functionality; either from the language itself, provided by an external library, or when the code in question implements coroutines itself.

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Single-threaded coroutine in C (Linux x86-64)

Background Story I crafted a simple single-threaded coroutine in C, running on Linux x86-64. Short Technical Explanation 1) Task There are two types of tasks in this implementation. Main task. This ...
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Sorting songs with the ability to save and resume partial sorts

I listen to a lot of music (~4k h/y) and managing thousands of songs is a bit of a challenging. To improve my listening experience I want to better organize my collection. One thing I want to do is ...
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Experimenting with C++20 coroutines to create Python-style generator functions

I've been playing around with the coroutines implementation in gcc 10.2.0 (Debian build) based on the sparse documentation at . The target, for ...
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Python coroutines to write files

I'm refactoring a monster 176-line function into something more sensible and more testable. The function as it stands fails the 'one thing and thing well' test by doing many things: Indexing through ...
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Recursively generate combinations while using Boost Coroutines

I've tried out implementing a combination generator using boost coroutines. It accepts an array of possible values and generates one array at a time for each combination. As a limitation, it only ...
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Bigger coroutine class

This is my attempt to implement the style of coroutines I described in my answer to Small coroutine class. What do you think of it? (My unusual dialect is due to my compiling with ...
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Stand/Bench for testing emergency situations for 2p2 networks in games

In fact, this is a throttling proxy. It can work in two modes: "paired" and "multi-Client". In "pair" mode, two clients connect to each other through a proxy, very ...
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