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Questions tagged [compiler]

For reviews of code which implements any part of a compiler - lexing, parsing, code generation and optimization, etc. Also for any plugin for an existing compiler. Don't use this tag for code which is input to a compiler - tag it with the correct language instead.

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Cyther: The Cross Platform Cython/Python Compiler (Take 2)

I recently posted an earlier version of this code on Code Review, and now with the given suggestions and many other improvements, I am back. I included the description of exactly what Cyther is ...
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Creating a new language: FreezeFlame

Where it shines FreezeFlame shines in readibility while still maintaining most of the C-like syntax. It also implements a few (Planning on several) operators that are still in testing for other ...
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tbf - An Optimizing Brainfuck Interpreter and Transpiler in C

Language: The Brainfuck programming language consists of eight commands: ...
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Implementation of the Hindley-Milner type system (with evaluation, without type inference) as a library for use in compilers

I've written an implementation of the Hindley-Milner type system as a "Core" language for use in writing compilers of typed functional languages. This is meant to be used as a library by compilers of ...
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Type System library

I would like some reviews of my Type system library in Golang that I am building for a compiler project. Here are external links to the versioned source files, types.go builtins.go The first file: ...
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Implement kleptography in Python

I'm new here, therefore I hope to be clear in this question. Firstly, I want to underline that I'm not a programmer, and I attended only a beginner course in Python, but I like to solve problems ...
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Brainfuck NASM compiler in Clojure

I've made a simple brainfuck compiler, I feel like my code is unreadable and messy, how can I improve it? src/core.clj ...
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Scripting language with generic classes

I am creating a dialect of ActionScript 3.0 and now have a working verifier, or “symbol solving” verifier. The language upgrades ActionScript 3.0 with few operators, light syntax facilities, numeric ...
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2 votes
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Sierpinski Triangle in AEC

So, I've tried to extend my compiler so that it can target GNU Assembler. And I've made a simple program to demonstrate that. ...
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implementing lexical, syntatic and semantic analysis

My program , developed with C using win_flex , implements lexical, syntatic and semantic analysis , given defined grammar rules. I would like to know if you any suggestion for improving or ...
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Parser for simple esoteric language in Rust

I am writing a compiler for esoteric language as one of my first Rust projects. I am using rust-pest to generate a parser. Since I'm new in Rust, code review would be great. Full source code can be ...
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Mac M1 .BF Compiler in Rust

I'm writing a brainfuck compiler in rust, that takes brainfuck instructions and converts them to a very basic assembly form, and then compiles that into binary, if you are not familiar with brainfuck ...
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