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CherryPy is an object-oriented HTTP framework for Python

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Shutdown or reboot system from LAN

I've written a simple web service which allows a user to shutdown or reboot a system from the LAN. Although written to be used on an RPI which lacks a power or reset button, it can be used on any ...
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Web Security with Authentication Key in Query String

What is the best way to authenticate using a key in a query string? I have a web service that clients can consume if they provide a authentication key in the query string. I also have a web front-...
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Websocket-based server for Raspberry Pi

I am trying to build a websocket server to run on the Raspberry Pi. The websocket server has to push periodic realtime update to a browser. Here is a sample code that I am planning to use. The example ...
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Super simple way of generating dynamic interfaces in Python both CLI and Web GUI

I want to know if this is a good idea. It is definitely only a proof of concept at this point, but if it's a good idea I would pursue the development into a more mature product. There are three ...
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