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Category is an Objective-C language feature that allows adding methods to an existing class in a different implementation unit without subclassing. They should not be confused with class extensions.

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Creating a class which has a method running every frame

I’m working in Objective-C, SKSpriteKit and am trying to create a class which will work in both OS X and iOS for flexibility. ...
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Unhandled Exception handler that captures a screenshot

So, whether you're still in the development stages or your app is already on the app store, you always hope your app isn't crashing. But if it is, you want to be sure you've got good crash reports, ...
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NSInvocation Implementation

I'm using NSInvocation as a choke point in my app to help manage threading and reduce the amount of redundant code. The purpose of this class is to pass arguments ...
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Simple yet efficient integer-to-object dictionaries?

Sometimes I need an NSDictionary-like object that maps a few integers (non-negative) to objects. At first glance, NSMutableArray ...
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Rot47 an NSString Category

As a Java native, I am always a little worried when doing Objective-C because of memory leaks and pointers flying at my head... All comments are welcome on the ...
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