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Mangle words to bytearray of lo/hibytes

I would like to refactor the following code snippet adapted from a project I'm involved. It is part of a code to control power outlets via network. The code snippet was written by myself based on the ...
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General bytes to number converter (c++)

I've written a bytes to number converter for cpp similar to the python int.from_bytes. It does not make any assumptions on: The endianness of the input buffer The ...
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Best way to convert the string with Byte sequence to Byte Array

We had a string with byte array (hexadecimal) sequence, like: ...
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Base64 encoder in Assembly x86-64 Linux language

We were asked to create a Base64 encoder for Assembly x86-64 on Linux. Was wondering how my code below could be improved, be it notation or anything else. We only had Assembly for 3 months so I'm not ...
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Multiplayer game byte array serializer with unity

I I'm trying to make an multiplayer game using golang and unity. Golang server side checking units on scene(like a character move). It also sends the information (position, health) of the units on ...
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Safely and Quickly Trim a Byte Array of Audio in Java

I'm trying to take a raw byte array of audio and trim it. The user selects a start and end value using a range slider. ...
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Byte array comparison - efficiency

I have a TCP Listener with NetworkStream that reads 530 bytes from the Client once a second. Within the TCP Listener ...
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C++: swapping bytes of an uint64_t

This question is about swapping bytes of an uint64_t value, or in other words, about converting between endianness of an integer value: ...
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Command-line English Hangman game

Introduction As a Python neophyte, I implemented the Hangman game as a practice, which operates case-insensitively on the 26 English letters. My biggest concern at the moment is my use of ...
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