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Comparison of Named parameters and the Java Builder pattern in C++

OK writing a C++ wrapper on top of openSSL. Setting up the SSL_CTX* object. There are a whole bunch of extra functions to specify functionality on how this object ...
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Print columns of text without hard coding the width (attempt 6 - pivot edition)

If you'd like to pivot this: ...
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Print columns of text without hard coding the width (attempt 5)

If you'd like to print this: ...
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Idiomatic builder pattern in Rust

I have a couple of questions regarding how builder should be implemented idiomatically in Rust when it's necessary to call its parts depending on some flags. Here's my take on three different designs ...
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Builder Pattern for factory creation of beings with different races

Races have many distinguishing physical characteristics. But apart from appearances, different races have other distinguishing characteristcs, all of I've decided to be built using the Builder ...
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