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Bluetooth is a global open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.

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Using bluepy to send and read serial data

I am trying to use bluepy to write and read serial data to/from an HC-08 Bluetooth module. The HC-08 is connected to a device that returns a fixed number of bytes whenever it receives a message over ...
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Handle HTTP and BLE requests

Im implementing and designing a workflow that performs both HTTP and BLE requests. Im having trouble figuring out the best approach to design a service to handle both types of requests, and manage ...
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List nearby bluetooth devices as well as devices in the database

I made a list of all nearby printer devices (that match the same name in the database) as well as all printer devices from the database. They are separated in the list by "--". I am able to get the ...
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Listening to sensor data and logging its output

I am creating a Mac OS X application. This application will connect to a MetaWear sensor over ble, and log the accelerometer and gyro data (I want to store 30 samples for each, per second). Here are ...
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LED controller for a BLE device with the ability to change color and intensity in Android

It's been long since I have put any of my codes for review. Today I want to review my Android code written for a BM70_BLE device with which one can change the color and brightness of the LED light. ...
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Is ThreadPool QueueUserWorkItem best option for handling event? [closed]

I have a WinForms application that has value change event coming from ble device. The event can be hit from more than one device also one device can send a notification to event in every 4 secs. ...
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Swift class to check ApplePencil reachability

I've implemented a class that lets you check out whether there is an ApplePencil connected to the device or not. ...
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Opinion on performance increase of a robot

Background A prototype of a firefighting robot has been done recently based on an Arduino microcontroller. It has two servos, one laser LED and 2WD motors. The desktop application is done in C# to ...
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Mimicing a TCP connection

I've recently started a new job and been drafted on to a project that's running late. My task was initially to add Bluetooth connectivity to a C# app, but at the request of a more senior colleague I'...
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Door-opener program

I've been working on a little project on an Arduino and I need some help with making the code more efficient / cleaner. I really don't like the three for loops and ...
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App for communicating with another PCB via Bluetooth

I'm developing and app that communicates via Bluetooth with another PCB. It consists of 3 seekbars that regulates the value of 3 parameters of the PCB. The structure is this: Send petition string ...
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MVC in Android development for Bluetooth application

I am currently writing my first Android application, and am having trouble grasping how to structure it. From my previous programming experience I was planning on using a MVC design but now I don't ...
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Android Bluetooth device application

I am writing my first Android application and have mainly been using code examples online. However, I have been going hard at it for a while now and realize that I have some overlapping methods and ...
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