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In software engineering, behavior-driven development (abbreviated BDD) is a software development process based on test-driven development (TDD).

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Login panel .feature (gherkin) file

I think many days ago, I randomly got introduced to cucumber developement, And it seemed like a conventional and interesting principle of software development. At this very time, I'm concentrating on ...
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SpecFlow/gherkin code for creating customers

I am new to BDD/Specflow and was wondering if I could get some feedback on my definitions Here is what I have for a simple customer creation feature/command: ...
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Formatting CSV as a table using BDD

This is the problem: Write a function to create a table from CSV data. The input to the function is a list of strings. Each string is formatted as a CSV record. Here’s an example for a ...
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Two BDD unit tests for an account repository with identical code

I am testing my repository class: interface AccountRepository{ void save(Account account); Optional<Account> findById(Long id); } And when writing ...
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Hello, World BDD in Golang

I've tried to do some BDD in Golang using Godog. File Hello.feature: ...
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Using Specs when testing the process of assigning offers to a customer

I am trying to spruce up my BDD skills using Specflow and Gherkin. Please see the classes below: ...
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Testing the process of assigning offers to a customer

I asked a similar question yesterday, which was criticised because I posted the test without the supporting code. Therefore I deleted the question yesterday as it was not clear enough. I am now ...
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linspace c++ and unit tests in catch BDD

I have implemented matlab's linspace function ...
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Generate pieces of an SQL query [closed]

Background I already changed my mind towards the SOLID principles, and am applying them in everything that I create. Now I am reading a lot of articles about TDD and BDD, aiming to begin applying ...
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Javascript FizzBuzz and Behavior-Driven Development Using Mocha and Chai

I am currently getting closely acquainted with Behavior-Driven Development. Could someone tell me how I am doing with the Fizzbuzz program below? I am interested in both improving the JavaScript code ...
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BDD on Android with Kotlin

I am considering an approach fo BDD tests on Android. The sample app — a simple messenger — has been made in Kotlin, so will be the tests. I ended up with something like this : ...
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PHP Vehicle / Event test

I was given a test to write a class that calculates a vehicle's average and expected mileage without using a database or framework. The mileages were to be calculated given some different types of ...
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PHPSpec, testing code that uses fluent mock

I've just completed writing a spec for a Doctrine2 repository. The repo contains only one method so far, the spec for which takes in an OAuth Identity token object (that contains an ID that matches up ...
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In-memory file system context for the behat PHP BDD testing framework

I wanted to come up with a 'utility' context to enable testing of the file system with behat. Specifically this is aimed at helping with the behavioral testing of php command line applications that ...
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BDD in PHP, Testing search in Wikipedia with Behat and Mink (Selenium2 Driver)

I am trying to learn BDD in PHP with Behat and Mink and I am using Selenium2 driver for the same. The scenario is given on this page and is as follows: ...
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Using I18n in capybara feature specs

Here I am trying to avoid hardcoding in flash messages by using I18n. Also, I have tried to use a CSS selector for submitting the form to make the tests less brittle (I don't really care that much ...
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First time BDD: Testing the same things in both acceptance and unit tests

I just tried BDD for the first time and implemented a simple Semantic Versioning Bumper in Python. The class takes a version string in the format of major.minor.patch (i.e. 3.2.2, where major=3, ...
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Am I implementing BDD correctly?

I'm writing a utility that validates fields. I decided to try my hand at Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). The validator utilises "rules" to determine if field is valid. Three different types of ...
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Test for a Rails app

Here's a test from a Rails app I'm working on. I want to know if I'm using describe, let, ...
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First BDD/RSpec tests, would like some review regarding idioms, conventions and style

This is my first attempt at BDD and RSpec. I'm more of a C# xUnit kind of guy. I wrote this class while developing a 2D random tile map generator (just for fun). The project is still ongoing. I ...
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BDD tests in PHPUnit

No one in my team knows how to write BDD tests, so I started writing some and it's quite working well. I think the time has come to improve the code quality. This contains a lot of duplicated code ...
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