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A convention-based object-to-object mapper and transformer for .NET.

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Configure lazy and non lazy DI for automapper

I have the following code to register the dependency injection for automapper: ...
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Mapping an object tree to another object tree

Programming to an interface is a design principle that enhances the flexibility of software by hiding implementation details. Consider an object tree that only exposes an interface, but you want to ...
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1 answer

AutoMapper DSL (Computation Expression) for F#

I have created a DSL for AutoMapper using an F# Computation Expression Builder. The Computation Builder itself is fairly simple, and effectively defines 5 basic operations: ...
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2 answers

Class to DataTable or Datatable to class mapper

My code goes from a class to DataTable, and back again. It populates the class's public properties, or creates DataColumns whose ...
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Automapper - Mapping a nested collection to a list

I'm using Automapper to do some mapping from XSD-generated serialization object to more sane POCO's. I'm having an issue with a particular type of mapping. ...
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2 answers

Testing mapping code

Obviously, you have to test mapping code somehow, even (or especially) if you use AutoMapper. Is there any way to make it less verbose? ...
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Using AutoMapper to map to and from

Sometimes, I need to map from a Domain entity to a ViewModel - to display information. Other times, I need to map from a ViewModel to a Domain entity - for persistance of data. Is this kosher or ...