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Aspect oriented refers to the expression of event-driven programming through the use of callback functions or other means to respond to a local event that has global consequences without going through repetitive conditional checks or creating unnecessary dependencies between objects or subroutines.

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Collect messages from a job to send in body of one email

I have a Spring service that calls a few methods to ...
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Aspect-oriented vs explicit style in Python [closed]

Readability counts, but is very subjective. The following snippets are equivalent in functionality and turn a generator iterator into a chunked HTTP response in Flask. Which of those two patterns is ...
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JavaScript attempt at an aspect oriented logger using proxies and reflect

I've been playing around with AOP in JavaScript to create a Logger that I can attach to classes and output what is going on (mainly instantiation, calling of functions and the results from functions). ...
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Spring AOP Log4j Logger example, improvement

I went through some of the stuffs on net regarding spring AOP and wrote a Spring AOP logger. Can you guys check my code and give your valuable inputs to improve it or if it is not proper, give me an ...
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AspectJ aspect for securing controller methods with ReCaptcha

Today when I was implementing ReCaptcha (as if there is much to implement!), I thought it would be perfect to create an Aspect Annotation to automatically secure web methods with recaptcha. My ...
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Logging and profiling - automatic logging through annotations

I am working with a little project intended to allow applications to benefit from aspect oriented programming. The first aspect is logging, which is already working. However I want this code to be ...
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Trampoline Interceptor

Aim In C#, the following method will cause a StackOverFlowException if called with parameter 0: ...
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Inject dependency into PostSharp aspect

I have designed couple of aspects using PostSharp for different projects, but there is a design flaw in many of them: dependency management. This is a question about injection of dependencies into ...
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