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Questions tagged [ascii-art]

ASCII Art is a graphic design technique that uses the 93 printable/space characters of the 128-character ASCII set to create images.

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Rubik's cube mode for emacs

Following is a dumb implementation of Rubik's cube for Emacs. I am not well versed in writing (e)lisp, so I ask for a review and corrections. ...
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Diagonal square spiral pattern in Vyxal

I wrote this code as a reference implementation for this challenge. How can I make it more readable and/or efficient? The goal is to take an integer and create patterns like the following: ...
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Formatting CSV as a table using BDD

This is the problem: Write a function to create a table from CSV data. The input to the function is a list of strings. Each string is formatted as a CSV record. Here’s an example for a ...
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ASCII-Box PowerShell menu

I've written a pair of functions that can be added to a module or script that will allow the developer to specify a list of options and let the user select with the up/down arrow and return any ...
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K&R Exercise 1-13. Printing histogram of word lengths (vertical variant)

I'm going through the K&R book (2nd edition, ANSI C ver.) and want to get the most from it. How does the following solution look to you? Note that, for the sake of exercise, I don't want to use ...
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Analog Clock for WebAssembly in AEC

I've ported the Analog Clock program written in AEC from Linux to WebAssembly. You can see the live version. ...
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Program to draw ASCII art based on commands

I want to know how to improve the design of Canvas drawing implementation. Canvas Drawing This solution is to implement a console-based canvas drawing application. Problem Statement Description ...
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PDcurses clock using abstract factory design

I am currently learning how to use PDcurses and decided to make a clock with it. **NOTE: this Watch that uses the abstract factory design pattern is not the same as this question!!. This question is a ...
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