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Questions tagged [arcpy]

ArcPy is a Python module for interacting with ArcGIS tools. The module was developed by Esri, the company that makes ArcGIS. ArcPy offers a high-level implementation of Esri's ArcObjects programming library. The best place to ask about ArcPy is the Geographic Information Systems sister site.

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6 votes
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Python - Displaying messages in ArcPy/IDLE

I have created a wrapper for displaying messages with ArcPy and IDLE (as that is all I have available to myself due to certain circumstances) as I frequently use both to test and develop new tools. ...
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4 votes
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Generate NDVI Rasters from USGS EarthExplorer Landsat 8

I've written the following using Python Dictionaries and Pathlib Module. I'd like to improve the first function: list_landsat_bands. I've created a list of file patterns to match, which I then use ...
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3 votes
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Select polygons that overlap with other polygons within a single feature class

I am running a script to identify polygons that overlap with other polygons within the same layer. I have managed to do this with the code below but the problem is that it is very slow (about 3 ...
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Extract cell values from multiband rasters

I have the following function and code snippet to extract cell values for multiple years, format it, and save to a list. Each raster has 365 bands — one for each day. A separate operation is performed ...
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2 votes
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Fully Constrained Least Squares (FCLS) Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis Method

I have written code using Python for Fully Constrained Least Squares (FCLS) Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis, which could be applied for unmixing multispectral image successfully. However, the ...
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Writing a table of national park data

I'm working to produce a Lookup table using the Arcpy module that contains descriptive statistics for US National Parks. The original data, found in tbl, has 12 ...
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