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Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed to store and process high-throughput data streams.

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Asynchronous mailing tool

I'm trying to change my sync code to asynchronous. It's my first time doing it like this, so I don't know if this is the right way. ...
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Scala & Kafka: Getting the producer and consumer offset difference and log it

I'm looking to compare kafka's producer and consumer ...
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Convert a c# decimal to big-endian byte array

Following the avro schema documentation for decimals I've created a method to turn a decimal into a byte array. The goals are: Should be represented by a non-scaled integer Should be big-endian I've ...
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OOP Refactoring

The following script derives schemas from varied file formats. Can I get this reviewed? What would the improvements look like: ...
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Implement Kafka Communication with Serialized Java objects

I want to implement Kafka Topic which sends and receives Serialized Java Objects based on this example. I tried this: Producer Config: ...
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Simplify Generic Method

I am writing a GenericDeserializer for Apache Kafka. My class implements IDeserializer<T> from Confluent.Kafka.Net package....
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Spring, Kafka and Mongo how to create a RestController

I'm learning how to use Kafka, I've never used something similar in the past. In my job I was required to create a POC using it and integrate it to Spring Boot and save information on MongoDB (because ...
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Reactive Extensions wrapper around Confluent.Kafka for .NET

Just an Rx wrapper around Kafka to represent topic consumption as IObservable<T>: ...
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Send excel data to Kafka

I would like some one to review my code and let me know the feedback. Each Kafka Message is like as follows [{guid=id.Value1, timestamp=1386394980000, booleanValue=null, longValue=null, floatValue=...
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Autocomplete for Kafka Streams application

I'm building an application that's going to create different autocomplete suggestions of data that sits in Kafka using Kafka Streams application. Data is read from a relational database and looks as ...
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