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Apache Ant (formerly Jakarta Ant) is a declarative, XML-based build tool for Java projects. It provides a rich set of standard tasks for performing most common build operations, such as compilation with javac, building archives and running tests. Ant's functionality can be extended through custom tasks and macros.

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Shell script to set up Ant targets and properties for a new project

I've written this shell script to place Ant build.xml and into my project directory. It takes two options, one which ensures the project is set up for JUnit test compilation/running. ...
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Ant database and configuration manager

Inspired by another thread on here I was wondering if I could have an expert eye passed over this script? If I run the script with App1, App2 or App3 individually it takes about 3 mins per run. ...
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ant file for TeX compilation

Here is an ant script for generating TeX code and documentation for one LaTeX class and one LaTeX package. It is my first larger ant script: I welcome suggestions for improvements. ...
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