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Ansible is a model-driven configuration management, multi-node deployment/orchestration and remote task execution system. It uses SSH by default, so there is no special software to be installed on the nodes you manage. Ansible can be extended in any language.

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Ansible role for installing and configuring SSH service

This is the Ansible role that installs and configures SSH service. What do you think about it? Is there something to improve? Thanks defaults/main.yml ...
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Ansible playbook to install Docker Swarm

this is my first ansible playbook. it installs docker in swarm mode and automatically joins the cluster. could you guys please review my code and show me where it can be improved? ...
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Make my ansible play book better

This playbook aims to verify if a specific file exists in a specific directory and, if not, to create it. Neither the file nor the directory may exist before the verification. After the process is ...
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Ansible to automate dev environment setup

This is a follow-up to Bash script to automate dev environment setup. In that question I'd thrown together a (sloppy) shell script to automatically setup my development environment. One of the answers ...
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changing root password with an ansible playbook

It is with great difficulty that I resolved to solve my problem, so I allow myself to submit here the solution. I wanted a playbook that could replace on all hosts the root password with a string ...
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Tasks based on variable definition

I am creating a playbook that takes a variable ver at runtime and then runs tasks based on that variable. If that ver is defined,...
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Ansible scanning Github branches

While setting up my Jenkins instance with Ansible to connect to our local GitHub Enterprise instance, I need to recreate what the Github Branch Plugin does to scan an Organizations projects and pre-...
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A simple Ansible playbook that powers on a server

This is an ansible playbook that I use for powering on one of my home servers in a rack, that I just turn on when needed. It checks for the switch power, management (bmc) network, powers the server on,...
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Clone a GitLab private repo with Ansible

I have an ansible playbook that checks out a GitLab private repository. It utilizes the GitLab Users API to generate an SSH key for the target host and adds it to my GitLab user's SSH keys. This ...
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Ansible playbook to generate webserver folder structure with users and projects

I try to generate with ansible a folder structure for a webserver with users and linked projects. The playbook works. But with more users and projects it gets quite complex to handle. How can I ...
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Ansible playbook to install application from tarball

I'm doing this, but as I'm the expert here (because no-one else is doing it) I have no real idea how awesome my code actually is. So the code should do the following: Export the tarball from ...
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Test cases for Ansible lambda module for deployment of AWS Lambdas

I have written a set of test cases which cover the ansible lambda module. The entire source is available on GitHub, forked from ansible/ansible The original file is visible on github as is the ...
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Ansible shell command status check

I have a task which checks the status of a process running on a Linux server using a shell. The task should report as failed when the status is NOT RUNNING. The following works but is there a better ...
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