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amd64 (also "x86-64") is the 64-bit version of the x86 instruction set.

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Functions to simplify printing strings and numbers in amd64 Assembly

I'm new to Assembly, and this is my very first "project" in Assembly. I wanted to store data (numbers) on the stack, then access and display them. Eventually, this "experiment" of ...
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`strdup` re-implementation in assembly

I am posting a message here because I am new to assembly programming. My goal today was to re-code strdup in assembly, so to save my first parameter which is a ...
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Remove leading zeroes from the beginning of a string

I want to remove leading zeroes (for a big integer library I'm currently making) in numbers represented as char arrays. I chose assembly for speed, but in order to simplify making the algorithm and ...
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Increment a binary number represented as a string

I'm an amateur at assembly, but am trying to get better at it. For fun, I decided to write code that takes in a char array and increments the number represented in binary. Here are a few input-output ...
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"Hello world" in x64 assembly for Windows - Shadow space / Stack alignment

I`m currently trying to delve into x64 assembly under windows using NASM, and created a minimalistic "Hello World" application. It is mainly meant as an educational resource for me and ...
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Writing a recursive factorial function in x86-64

The following assembly program works to print the factorial of a number: ...
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Trivial string-reverser in MASM64

I've been learning MASM64 over the last few days and written a simple demo, so I can get feedback on my understanding of x64 assembly programming. It's really basic: it asks the user for their name, ...
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An echo program, mostly in C and completely from scratch

This is an echo program with no runtime or standard library. It's meant to be compiled with -nostdlib on an amd64 Linux system. ...
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Cat program in x64 FASM

I wrote cat program in x64 FASM and I would like to know if there is anything that can be improved. This implementation of cat supports: Reading from stdin. Multiple arguments. I checked few cases ...
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A simple shellcode that will kill all your processes GNU/Linux x86_64

So I made a simple shellcode that will kill all your process. Now I would like to know, can it be done in some better way? It contains 13 bytes. Thanks for all your feedback Assembly: ...
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x64 Windows Assembly - Structs in Assembly

I'm trying to code a simple person database using structs and arrays in assembly. Each person has a firstName, lastName, ...
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Routine to convert decimal digits to Densely Packed Decimal

I've written an amd64 assembly routine (in gas syntax using the System V calling convention) to convert three decimal digits to Densely packed decimal because I wasn't satisfied by the performance of ...
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