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ActionScript is an object-oriented scripting language used for RIAs, mobile applications, web applications, etc. ActionScript was initially developed by Macromedia and then acquired by Adobe. It targets to compile for Flash Player runtime which can be deployed in various platforms, including mobile platforms.

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Camera access for both JS and AIR

Flambe is a really neat tool, even though developer dissapeared around march, and the proper camera access is missing (I could move to openFL, but I'm way too deep at the moment). This is my take at ...
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Simple expense tracker

I have posted below a small project of mine in AS3 regarding a super simple Expense Tracker. I finally made it basically functional, and I learnt A LOT in the way. But even I can tell that my design ...
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Actionscript Graph data structure implementation

So, I am not sure if I should have Vertex extend Point, because the equals() and ...
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5 votes
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Frogger game in Actionscript 3

I am creating a Frogger game in Flash AS3 and just wanted to see if anyone can help me improve it without breaking the game. The reason I ask for it because I don't have any errors, but I do get over ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Add events dispatching for ActionScript framework Robotlegs

I have the following function in a Service class ...
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How to simplify my else if statement

Alright so this isn't an issue with my program not working, it's more of a fact that I wanna learn to code better. This is one of 6 if else statements that I use inside of my program. What I'm ...
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Using Booleans to Manage State

I'm in the middle of writing my own little bullet shooter game much in the style of Touhou. Everything works fine so far but I'm disliking certain aspects of my code. Take this function for showing ...
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Getting better speed from adjusting rows in a DockableToolBar

I've been using FlexLib for its dockable toolbar feature. When you shrink the window, it will try to wrap rows if the stage width is less than the row width. Unfortunately, it won't reverse the ...
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