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The abstract factory pattern provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme without specifying their concrete classes.

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Swift Struct-based Factory Pattern

Edit: I added another configuration vector to CardView, a size attribute, which may be .small or ...
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Auto-registering CRTP Factory

I'm trying to write a policy based auto-registering class using the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern. I decided as design choice to not using registering macro. Factory Class ...
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PDcurses clock using abstract factory design

I am currently learning how to use PDcurses and decided to make a clock with it. **NOTE: this Watch that uses the abstract factory design pattern is not the same as this question!!. This question is a ...
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Caching wrapper with multi-providers and factory to detect the responsible cache provider related to Type

What I'm trying to do abstract the caching actual cache provider (memory || distributed || ...). enable a caching diversity. each cached item type has different ...
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Python3 tokenizer abstract baseclass ( Without the permission to be instantiated directly )

Greetings. I'm a newbie python developer, and fortunately I have been introduced to the principle of Abstract base classes and they seemed pretty interesting to tackle while going forward in my python ...
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Abstract Factory Design Pattern implementation in C++ using Qt Creator

I am trying to make all the creational design patterns and I'm having some trouble with the abstract factory method. I normally program in Python, however, I had heard C++ was good for really having ...
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