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Questions tagged [.net-datatable]

In .NET, DataTable is a class that represents a table of in-memory data. For the jQuery DataTables plugin, please use [jquery-datatables] tag.

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0 answers

CSV Data Table Extension

This is my library I wrote from scratch for the .net core that imports and exports CSVs from DataTable objects. I've seen a lot of huge complicated libraries that handle this and a million other ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Cleaning up memory after loading Access DB into a datagrid

I wrote an app that pulls a MS Access DB into a DataTable and then displays it into a WPF datagrid. The dialog window has a search button which calls on a class ...
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DataGridView Undo/Redo Manager in C#

While answering this code review question, I proposed a solution with List<DataTable>. I am trying to encapsulate this data structure into a "...
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