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Configure lazy and non lazy DI for automapper

I have the following code to register the dependency injection for automapper: ...
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Performance optimisations using Span<T>

For parsing astronomical datasets (mostly images) I have written a parser that reads .fits files in C# .net5.0. The content part of the file basically constists of a blob (byte array) that holds all ...
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Using multithreading to send multiple emails

I'm trying to send any number of emails in the shortest amount of time using .NET 5.0? I've been playing with something like the following but I am not sure if it is optimal or even correct as there ...
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Best practices in regards to pass and deserialize data, when calling an API endpoint from a MVC-project?

In my application, I only show users their own data. For that, I need to know in the backend, which user is requesting data. I use the username for that and therefore, I need to send the username as ...
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A versatile deck of playing cards. Standard 52-card deck and more

I have seen many posts regarding a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. I recently was composing an answer to one such post when I realized my answer should be its own post since (A) the answer ...
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Dapper with shops and payers

I live in the buildings that have 50 people in it and for each floor splits into 2 groups each group is from ~9 people. I'm trying to build an Xamarin app (IOS, ANDROID ,Win10,maybe web app) to make ...
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FtpEasyTransfer - .NET5 Worker Service for Easy FTP Sync'ing

I've created a simple worker service, which uses FluentFTP to sync either files or directories from one ftp client to another, or simply to a local machine, depending on how appsettings.json is ...
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Sobel Operator - SIMD x86 Intrinsics Implementation

I'm learning C# .NET 5 Intrinsics and interested in best practices. It's really hard now to find enough information about how SIMD instructions (logically/internally) work in .NET. In addition i'm not ...
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