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Shielding your CodeReview on GitHub

In response to a feature-request on meta, I spent a few hours today creating the feature in php. This application adds a review shield to your GitHub repository (or wherever else you want it). It ...
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Advanced and Detailed Minesweeper Probabilities

In an earlier question, I showed my code for calculating the mine probability for each and every field in a Minesweeper board. But it doesn't stop there. In that very same Minesweeper Analyze project, ...
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Solver for a number-game (8-queens applied to Sudoku)

Since I while ago I've been addicted to a number-game that you can think of as a binary Sudoku. The game is called (in Italian) Alberi (trees) and I haven't found any equivalent when searching the ...
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Finding combinations of 3 numbers

What this code tries to do is find possible combinations of three numbers. For example, let's say I have the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Some ...
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A Specific Combination

This code is going to be included in my Minesweeper Probabilities project. (so far it only exists on the develop-branch) The purpose is to return a specific combination, let's say for example that ...
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Reverse Game of Life

I have written code to take a cellular automaton configuration and determine a state that could have existed one time-step prior, according to Game of Life rules. The algorithm goes roughly as follows:...
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Splitting two lists into OnlyA, Both, and OnlyB

This is a part of my Minesweeper analyzer code that didn't fit into the last question. This code uses FieldGroup which ...
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Minesweeper analyze goes to N-Queensland

As @rolfl recently solved the N-Queens problem, I figured that it was time also for me to solve it. My approach is significantly different from @rolfl's. I quickly realized that the N-Queens problem ...
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Using brute force to do large scale permutations and combinations

This problem should self explanatory based on namings of variables and functions. In essence I am doing well over 720*720*90 checks/calculations. Hence, this is taking far, far too long. How do I make ...
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Algorithm of combinations (problem with time and space)

My algorithm generates combinations of elements. For example, having [A, B, C ] creates the following combinations [ A ], [ B ], [ C ], [ AB ], [ AC ], [ B, C ], [ ABC ]. Unfortunately for items too ...
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Calculating every possible answer given a set of formulas

Problem Given a set of formulas (AKA "Rules"), get a list containing every possible answer that does not break any formula. Formula variables can have a maximum equal to the number of characters. ...
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